OILS ADDINOL GEAR 150 F, 220 F, 320 F, 460 F

Mineral gear oils ADDINOL 150 F, 220 F, 320 F, 460 F are based on selected refined an ideal combination of zinc and ash free additives Temperature range up to +100 ° C

ADDINOL Effective formula against wear

Addinol gear oil Eco Gear, works differently than all conventional industrial oils, given that Addinol Eco Gear contains Surftec, a combination of substances to suit changing load conditions. Flanking and binds to surfaces, making unmatched by other industrial oils found on the market.

Eco Gear M oil (mineral ) has approved FLENDER for demanding heavy-duty gearboxes

Eco Gear oil S (synthetic ) approved by FLENDER for extreme applications has four-year warranty .


Particularly suitable for all types of closed industrial gear units type wheel gear and bevel gear systems , applicable for splash lubrication and circulation favorite application in paper industry in industrial gearboxes with high impact of foreign particles, also suitable for the lubrication of highly loaded sliding bearings, joints and guide systems


Meets the requirements of DIN 51517-3, ISO 12925-1, AGMA 9005- E02 .

Approved by FLENDER Viscosity grade classification corresponds to ISO 3448, DIN 51519


ADDINOL sprays

ADDINOL has a broad portfolio of aerosols such as:

• Universal cleaning spray: cleaning and maintenance of surfaces in industry, workshop, home and hobbies

• Electro contact – spray cleaning and maintenance of contacts and electrical components

• Silicone spray: universal sliding agent for all surfaces, lubricant, cleaning agent and protection in the industry, also suitable as a preservative

• Lubricants for chains Chain Lube XHT and Chain -adhesive spray: application in conveyor chains

• Anti -corrosion spray: for temporary protection during transport and storage • Grease Spray W : aerosol grease lubrication of open gears, winches, screws, bearings and bushings, screw gears submerged equipment, offshore, spare parts for ships, water gates, washing plants, water pumps

ADDINOL Gas engine oils

ADDINOL Gas engine oils

The operation of gas engines with landfill gas, which is usually high in hydrogen sulphide, does mean enormous loads both for engine and engine oil. . Acid components, which arise during combustion, can be neutralised reliably thanks to the engine oil’s powerful alkaline reserve of ADDINOL Gas engine oil MG 40-Extra Plus or  ADDINOL Gas Engine Oil LG 40.

The combustion process of natural gas and cleaned special gases is cleaner than the combustion of usual special gases – therefore a lower alkaline reserve is required of the engine oil. However, the combustion of natural gas reaches considerably higher temperatures in comparison. Besides, engines nowadays often are equipped with catalytic converters for controlling exhaust emissions. These applications demand gas engine oils of a lower sulphated ash content like ADDINOL Gas engine oil MG 40-Extra LA or ADDINOL Gas Engine Oil NG 40.

ADDINOL Gas engine oil MG 40 PowerSynth is perfectly suited for compact micro CHP* units operated with natural gas. These units achieve optimum performance even at small oil volumes and the maintenance effort is reduced to a minimum.

* combined heat and power