Soft Starter VMX-Synergy

Premium Digital Soft Starter

Best in Class IEC Soft Starter
With built-in full motor overload protection as well as full data logging, field serviceable fans, upgradeable firmware and extensive input/output programmability, VMX-synergy™ meets all of the key design criteria.

Easy of Use
The display will show all messages in full and 15 different global languages. The use of graphic/schematic
images and active mimic diagrams will facilitate complete understanding. Detailed logging will aid setup
and onboard USB allows configurations to be upload/downloaded and emailed.

Auto Configuration
The automatic functionality has been expanded so that more features can be configured without referring
to parameter lists.

Energy Savings
Energy optimizing is combined with bypass to give energy saving in more applications.

Automatic Load Tuning
The VMX-Synergy™ will ‘tune’ itself to the load.

Touch Screen
The VMX-synergy™ comes standard with a color touch screen on all sizes.

AC Supply Voltage: 200 – 480 Vac

HP Ratings: 10 to 400 HP

Amp Ratings: 17 to 477 Amps

Application: 42 Profiles.

Energy Savings: iERS System

Bypass: Built-in


Medium Voltage Soft Starter MVC-ARC-A

The MVC-ARC Medium Voltage Series Soft Starter is designed to start AC motors in any fixed speed application. It provides maximum protection with “True Thermal Modeling,” while allowing smooth, stepless control of acceleration and deceleration. The MVC-ARC Series guarantees power control and protection for your most important assets.

AC Supply Voltage:
2300, 3300, 4160, 6600, 7200V, 11kV
+10% to -15%, 50/60 Hz line voltages

HP Ratings:
Up to 4,440HP @ 7.2kV (400 Amps max)
Up to 6,700HP @ 11kV (400 Amps max))

Overload: 500% – 60 seconds, 600% – 30 seconds

Key Benefits

Bullet A safer option by any standard.

Bullet Tested to both North American and IEC standards.

Bullet Internally protected against arcs up so 50KA.

Bullet Draw-out design for unquestioned isolation.

Bullet Integrated earthing switch.

Bullet Easy access design for inspections.

Advanced Protection

Bullet Advanced motor protection relay and ramp features programmable via the keypad or a laptop computer.

Bullet Fiber optically isolated low voltage compartment with up to 110kV BIL rating for safety and reliability.

Bullet Built-in 120V control power transformer*; voltage and current metering.

Bullet Load-break / fault-make rated disconnect switch with door safety interlocking.*

Bullet Visible grounding bar for safe operation.

Bullet Coordinated motor fuses with blown fuse indicators.

Bullet Line isolation vacuum contactor.*

Bullet Fully rated bypass contactor for increased thermal capacity and optional across-the-line starting.

Bullet Heavy duty SCR stack assemblies with ring transformer isolation for reliable SCR gate firing.

Bullet RTD Option accepts up to 12 RTD inputs.

Bullet Zero sequence ground fault protection option.

Bullet Top entry, bottom exit with room for stress cones.

Bullet Removable entry plates for easy connections.

Bullet NEMA 12 gasketed enclosure (NEMA 3R optional).