Insulated Flexible Busbars

ISOFLEXX ® is a laminated busbar isolated the highest technical standard. ISOFLEXX ® sets a new benchmark in the field of flexible busbars with its highly developed and proven technology. ISOFLEXX ® consists of several layers of copper lamellae high insulation protected by special high-grade PVC long (ISOFLEXX ® Classic) or silicone insulation environmentally friendly halogen-free (ISOFLEXX Premium ®). The loose arrangement of the layers in the insulation enables smooth bending and twisting, the thin lamination gives ISOFLEXX ® its exceptional flexibility.


Current range of 125 A to 2500 A Short thermal capacity (1 second) of 3-310 kA cross section according to Standard length 2000 mm Operating voltage 1000VAC / 1500 VDC