H&B Heavy Duty Gearbox(NEW)Size 4~12

Power range: 3 ∼2000 KW
Transmission ratio range: 6.3-400
Torque range: 6.2-78 KN.m


◆ Specially designed for heavy industry.

◆ Unique modular design easy for cross country production, low stock, short delivery time.

◆ Ecologic design with independent intellectual property rights.

◆ High strength cast iron housing with frame structure force design, line layout transmission shaft, high reliability and load capacity, low space and noise, long life cycle.
◆ High purity alloy steel gear, strong shock resistance, profile ground gears improve the load capacity, cooling and noise lowering performance, stable transmission.

◆ The seal of output shaft part adopts double oil seal with perfect oil leaking resistance.Reliable sealing and more widely applicable to industry.

◆ High cost performance and low maintenance.

◆ Optional accessories.

Main applications

◆ Offshore

◆ Hoisting, lifting and transportation

◆ Electricity and energy

◆ Coal minerals

◆ Cement construction

◆ Paper and textile

◆ Chemistry and recycling