SVG2000 Delta is a static VAr reactive generator (SVG) that improves power quality. Compared to a static VAr compensator SVC traditional, SVG2000 Delta offers many excellent features, including improved stability, prolonged useful life, fast response, wide power range, high capacity, soft line, low harmonic content , stable voltage, and many more, which greatly improve the quality of energy.

Features and Benefits

SVG Delta Series 2000 is a static reactive compensator (SVC) of the current source type. It is a power module with full bridge structure designed with a reactor to allow direct connection to the mains, to control power quality. Fundamentally SGVG2000 generate an output voltage for controlling the amplitude and phase of the output current. Absorbs or supplies the exact amount of reactive power to the system. The SVG2000 is able to directly monitor power off AC power and compensate the harmonic current or transient current that occurs when a load input.


Industries, including petrochemicals, railways, metallurgy, steel, manufacturing, medical and building automation.


  • 300-500 kVAr
  • 3-phase 230 V / 460 V 3-phase
  • Improved power factor
  • Continuously compensates reactive power to maintain power factor> 0.99.
  • The performance of compensation is 1.2 times better than a traditional compensation device (capacitor).
  • suppresses harmonics
  • Set the required amount of reactive current in real time and reactive power compensates for filtering high order harmonics.
  • fast response