Active Power Filter APF 2000 Delta is the key to a clean network and more efficient production. Automation equipment today benefits us with a style more convenient and cost savings through greater efficiency of production life, however, they can also bring major energy distortion problems that can lead to loss of energy, rising costs and many other power quality problems.

The power quality greatly influences the energy efficiency. A system clean and efficient energy normally generates a sinusoidal waveform current, but the electrical equipment used in the industrial automation industry today generates non-sinusoidal currents tend to cause problems of quality of electric power. Distortion of voltage or current, reactive power impact, and unbalanced loads, are common problems that reduce the reliability of power and energy efficiency and increase operating costs. The main concerns of the industrial automation industry is how to improve power quality and how to manage energy networks.

Delta APF2000 the highest digital uses standard 32-bit microprocessor industry to compensate instantly all types of harmonics to improve the quality of energy past. Perfect harmonic distortion control reduces energy loss and heat generation. The APF2000 is compact in design so that all users can manage their space efficiently, has an interface HMI TFT with 65,536 colors for more lifelike images. The final mission APF2000 Delta is offering a better quality of energy, less energy loss and lower maintenance costs.


Active Power Filter Delta – APF 2000 can monitor the load current and harmonics filtering in real time to maintain a clean line current. The load current is monitored in real time using a current transformer and injects the exact opposite phase to the network harmonics to be filtered. It can also provide reactive current in advance or in arrears in real time, to improve the power factor and reactive power compensation.


  • Metallurgical and petrochemical industries, rectifiers, converters, rolling mills, electric arc furnaces, furnaces of medium frequency inverters
  • Chemical industries and electrolysis, rectifiers, calcium carbide furnaces, electric welding, Converters
  • Mechanical industries, rectifiers, rolling mills, investors, equipment arc
    Metal industries, paper, plastic and textile processing, rectifiers, rolling mills, inverters, electric arc furnaces, electric ovens
  • Transportation industries, rectifiers and inverters for electric vehicles, electric motorcycles and metro systems
  • Automotive manufacturing industry: welding equipment, painting equipment, battery chargers and inverters
  • Telecommunications, medical and construction: servers, EPS, UPE, converters, chargers, inverters.


  • 50-300 A
  • 3-phase 230 V / 460 V 3-phase
  • Enclosure IP31 (NEMA 1)
  • Compensation of harmonics 2nd to 50
  • Higher harmonics compensation 95%
  • Parallel connection up to 6 units.


Active filter for harmonics and reactive power quality decreases power grids worldwide. The reason: more and more nonlinear electrical equipment causing disturbances to the system used. Because sensitive devices may be damaged, the regulations on the quality of electric power are aimed at imposing the owner of the connection required to avoid interference to other users. As an alternative to the conventional systems of passive compensation, flexible active harmonic filters (AHF) they are available.


  • Hoist
  • Automotive Industry
  • Data Centers
  • HVAC facilities
  • Oil and gas
  • Paper mills
  • Marine propulsion
  • Steel Industry
  • Welding equipment
  • Tunnel ventilation
  • Uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)
  • Water / wastewater treatment plants waters
  • Wind turbines
  • Cement industry


  • 30-300 A
  • 3 phase 230V / 460V 3 phase
  • Enclosure IP20 (NEMA 1) Optional IP54 (NEMA 3R)
  • Compensation of harmonics 2nd to 50
  • Higher harmonics compensation 95%
  • Parallel connection up to 5 units