Due to the increased use of modern power electronics equipment, more and more electrical disturbances are returned to the network. To minimize or eliminate harmonics, it is used an additional line filter before the converter . We have a number of standard line filters. In addition, we can manufacture a network filter with other basic   / resonant frequency tailored to your specifications, with the help of our calculation system, the equipment can be dimensioned and constructed by our experts. APPLICATIONS Forklift Automotive industry Datacenter HVAC facilities Oil and Gas Paper mills Marine propulsion Steel industry Welding equipment Tunnel ventilation Uninterruptible power supply (UPS) Water / wastewater treatment plants Wind turbines Cement industry SPECIFICATIONS 5-600 A 230 V  3 phase / 460 V 3-phase Enclosure IP20 (NEMA 1) optional IP54 (NEMA 3R) Harmonics compensation: 5 °