“Active Front End” (AFE) is a controllable rectifier with advantages such as facilitating two-way exchange of energy between AC and DC and regeneration of reusable energy to the power grid to reduce energy costs. AFE uses PWM to substantially reduce the characteristic peaks of current and form a perfectly sinusoidal current wave. The power factor is corrected to 1, the ratio between the load capacity and the power capacity is 1: 1. Furthermore, the AFE eliminates high order harmonics, provides very low harmonic current THD <5% while improving the power factor, allowing you to save the cost of purchasing additional electrical equipment for improved power quality. The AFE also offers stable quality energy without fluctuations would affect energy network and can be applied to a serial connection.

With the addition of years of experience in developing AC motor drives, Delta introduced the innovative AFE2000. This unit is designed for a wide range of applications and achieves energy-saving results. The AFE2000 not convert the excess energy of a braking process heat emitted into the atmosphere, it makes reusable energy that can be supplied back to the grid. The AFE2000 Delta is another product that helps improve efficiency and productivity, which fulfills our mission “To provide innovative, clean and efficient energy solutions for a better tomorrow.”


Applications of high inertia loads: traveling machines, spiral centrifugal horizontal drilling machines. Loading applications in four quadrants: cranes, forklifts, passenger elevators, oil production machines. Fast brake applications: machine tools, spindles, high-speed bag making machines. Energy recovery applications for long periods: wind energy systems and water supply systems. Applications DC power supply systems, logistics and storage, wind energy systems, LED lighting systems. It provides high quality energy for communication systems on power lines. Bridge cranes and lifts


  • 5-75 kW (10-100 HP)
  • 3-phase 230 V / 460 V 3-phase
  • Energy saving with dual control energy flow AC / DC, power factor correction up to 99%.
  • Replaces the traditional braking resistor, generating cost savings, space and energy.
  • PWM control substantially reduces the peaks in the waveform and harmonic current waveform has a sinusoidal current.
  • Meets levels of harmonic distortion of less than 5%, according to the IEEE STD.519-1992.
  • The constant DC bus voltage is not influenced by fluctuations in voltage


A traditional drive system used to work with load inertia, usually makes a rapid deceleration braking and then positioned. When the motor is in generator mode it produces a lot of regenerative energy that must be consumed to maintain a safe operation and a stable voltage on the DC bus. The traditional method of solving the problem of regenerative energy is to install a braking resistor. Despite being easy to install and inexpensive, it requires considerable space and additional devices to dissipate heat. This method provides a limited efficiency and regenerative energy wasted.

REG2000 Delta series is able to collect and convert regenerative energy into usable electricity system to ultimately save energy. The installation process as simple as installing a braking resistor, but with only half the size and improved efficiency. The REG2000 is your best green energy solution for regenerating power.


  • 5-55 kW (10-74 HP)
  • 3-phase 230 V / 460 V 3-phase
  • Standard models (IP20 / NEMA 1)