• Available in 3 or 4 pole for the entire range
  • Only three frame sizes in the range, 630A to 6300A, resulting in maximum and minimum exchange parts inventory.
  • High breaking capacity 45 kA to 100 kA, and sealability, 94.5kA to 220kA at 415V AC.
  • Total interruption time of less than 30 ms (including arcing time less than 10 ms) and closing time of 40 ms.
  • High mechanical and electrical resistance due to robust design mechanisms and special sintered metal contact.
  • Neutral pole (for 4-pole) opens first and then closes to prevent surges on the connected load between phases and neutral.
  • High degree of system protection and coordination due to the use of microprocessor / intelligent protection relays.
  • MicroPro – multi-purpose version with RS485 port selection feature Zones
    Simple to operate and maintain.
  • High dielectric strength even in conditions of heat and humidity by using insulating materials used class “B” and “F”.
  • Security shutters in fiberglass for the safety of operating personnel.
    Tested to the most onerous environmental conditions and approved for marine applications work.
  • Smart unit MicroPro shot has the following performance characteristics:
  • The protection thresholds and delays are set using the adjustment dials.
    The charge current is displayed in Amps.
  • Overload protection
  • Short circuit current protection
  • Instantaneous protection
  • Ground fault protection
  • Neutral protection
  • Zone selectivity
  • History logs
  • Current Measurement
  • Communication: RS 485, Modbus protocol
  • LCD and LED retention in case of power failure
  • Auxiliary voltage of 24-300 VDC or 24-240 VAC
  • Output voltage 24 VDC ± 10%

Molded case circuit breakers MCCB - New Winbreak

Full range of thermo magnetic switches modeled cash flows range from 15 to 1200 A and short circuit capacities 5-125 kA symmetrical.

Thermo magnetic switch is not adjustable, standardized dimensions (depth, context), which provides flexibility for designers of boards.


  • Signposted Lever – “ON”, “OFF” “TRIP” (Closed – Open – Shot)
  • Reset – When the lever indicates “shot” first replacement should be done by moving the lever to the “OFF” position to subsequently allow closure
  • Free shooting even if the handle remains “ON”, the breaker trips when an overcurrent flows
  • Suitable for verifying the main contact position under abnormal conditions because the handle does not indicate a defined position
  • Patented technique arc extinguishing PASQ (Blow Auto Assisted Extinction)
    Reduces the arc voltage in a short time
  • Shutter button (press to shoot) allows mechanically shoot from the outside, to confirm the operation of the switch and manual reset function.

Molded case circuit breaker MCCB - AC2

Full range of molded case circuit breakers adjustable in current range 16 to 1250 A, and short circuit capacities 5 to 100 kA symmetrical. Rotating double interruption technique ensures rapid current limiting and interrupting the short circuit current. Improves breaking capacity. Low energy, resulting in lower thermal stresses Reduces electro-dynamic and thermal stresses in electrical distribution network. Low temperature rise, thus extends the life of the equipment and associated cables. Safety for the operating personnel of the plant. Increases the life of the cables and installation.


  • Thermomagnetic trip unit for basic protection functions Adjustable 0.8, 0.9. 1x In (In = rated current)
  • Alternatively you can have adjustable electronic trip unit with the following functions:
  • Overload Protection: 0.4, 0.5, 0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 0.95, 1xIn
  • Short circuit protection: OFF, 1.5, 2, 3, 4, 6, 8xIn
  • Short circuit protection instantly: 1.5,2,3,4,6,8,10, 12xIn
  • Protection of ground fault current: OFF, 0.5, 1xIn
  • Trip time ground fault: 0.1, 0.2, 0.3, 0.4 (S)
  • Tripping current Ir, Isd, Ii & Ig must be fitted with micro-switch or knob three digits and can be adjusted according to customer requirements where “OFF” stands for status without protection
  • LED for indicating overload
  • When the single phase current operation is <90% lr, the LED blinks
  • When the single phase current operation is> 115% Ir, the LED stays on permanently

Miniature circuit breakers - MCB-AC

Full range of miniature switches in current range from 0.5 to 63 A, and short-circuit capacity 10 kA symmetrical. Voltages of 240/415 V
DC current range is 0.5 to 63 A, with breaking capacity 4 kA
Maximum operating voltage 220 V
Optional accessories has auxiliary switch and remote trip through coil “shunt”


Contactors C & S are easy to use, high reliability, modular design

It allows the most appropriate and cost-effective choice.

Contactors and overload relays comply with the latest standards accredited Global IEC, UL, CSA and CE. They meet IEC60947-4-1.

World Class functional aesthetics

Full range and harmonized contactors 3 and 4P (pole)

– Contactor 3P AC3 range of 9 ~ 95A, 4 frame sizes, AC / DC

– 3P AC3 Contactor range 115 ~ 800A 8 frame sizes, AC / DC

– AC1 Contactor 4P range of 25 ~ 125A, 4 frame sizes, AC / DC

– AC1 Contactor 4P range of 200 ~ 1600A 8 frame sizes, AC / DC

Safety first – Power terminals and control are proof contact with the fingers.

Saving energy magnetic coils on both AC and DC classes

Compact and flexible modular design

Take inventory costs – Common Accessories

Long mechanical and electrical life

Short circuit protection, Coordination type 1 and 2