Labeling Sytems

The Murrplastik identification system for single wires, contactors, terminals, cables, control and signaling equipment and hoses is one of the most universal on the market. We have developed our identifications for numerous components from leading manufacturers. In this way we fulfill the requirements of a modern system of identification support. The available data can be transferred to our software as well as by simple manual entry, also from the various CAD / CAE systems.

General characteristics

  • Sleeves KT, KT-B transparent PVC, KTH (halogen free)
    For cables 0.22 mm² to 120 mm²
    Operating Temperature -40 to 60 ° C
    Nameplates KS 4 x 12 mm PVC of different colors, KSO (halogen free)
    Operating Temperature -40 to 140 ° C
    Plates identification terminals from different manufacturers


Cable marking, terminal blocks, panels and cabinets