Aseptic unit

Bauer Aseptic Drive is a combination of asynchronous motor with a smooth surface and no fan cooling rack in combination with helical gear boxes BG; BF gear mounted on the shaft; BK bevel gear.

Main characteristics

  • Rated power between 0.37 and 2.2 kW
  • Standard stainless steel round connector
  • Optional solid or hollow shaft stainless steel V4A (1.4571)
  • Its design allows easy cleaning of any cleaning product is completely gone.
  • Accumulations of dirt are avoided.
  • Reinfection around the motor is avoided thanks to fanless design prevents the formation of turbulence.
  • The units have a high degree of protection IP67 and IP69K, and incorporate standard aseptic resistant paint strongly acidic or alkaline compounds (pH 2-pH 12).
  • The motor windings are incorporated as standard with thermistors and class F insulation
  • Suitable for frequency inverter tasks.
  • CCC certificate


In special applications, regarding cleanliness and hygiene in the production areas of the food and beverage industry.